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Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) / Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Gently correct and slow the progression of nearsightedness while you sleep. No surgery. No daytime contacts. No glasses.

Ortho-K / CRT

Is your child’s vision interfering with their performance in the classroom and on the field? What if we told you that they could have clear vision without glasses, daytime contacts, or surgery?

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) / Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) is an advanced, non-surgical method for treating myopia and slowing down its progression. This simple treatment involves specially designed, oxygen-permeable contact lenses that gently reshape the cornea during sleep. Your child can remove the lenses during the day and enjoy perfectly corrected vision.

Ortho-K / CRT is safe and effective and has been approved by FDA for nighttime corneal refractive therapy. Complete vision correction occurs within 1-2 weeks. Our Ortho-K / CRT certified specialist, Dr. Helen Xu, will provide you and your family with this innovative technology!

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What Is Ortho-K / CRT?

Ortho-K / CRT is a non-surgical, pain-free way to correct your vision. The treatment involves therapeutic lenses, similar to contact lenses, to reshape the cornea, restoring sharp vision. All this is done while you sleep.

Ortho-K / CRT is not permanent but it is very long lasting—users gain sharp vision for their waking hours. And it is safe for both adults and young people. This nonsurgical procedure is reversible by simply not wearing the contact lenses.

Is Ortho-K / CRT Right for You?

Stabilize Your Prescription

Ortho-K / CRT lenses may help slow the progression of nearsightedness, and it may help stabilize your prescription. This makes it a good option for younger patients whose eyes are still changing or who are very busy with school and sports but are too young for LASIK.

Nonsurgical Technique

Ortho-K / CRT is a great choice for people who are looking for the benefits of LASIK surgery but don’t meet the requirements or don’t want to undergo surgery.

Freedom From Daytime Lenses

It is also a great solution for people who want freedom from daytime corrective lenses. For some, a busy lifestyle or participation in sports makes corrective lenses a nuisance. For others, dry eye symptoms or windy, dusty environments make contact lens use very challenging. Sometimes it’s just a personal preference to improve your eyesight using advanced technology and a proven therapy.

Talk to Dr. Xu to find out if Ortho-K / CRT lenses are right for you or your child.

How Does the Treatment Work?

How Ortho-K / CRT Works

Ortho-K / CRT is a complex and technical process that can only be performed by certified eye doctors like Dr. Xu.

She will customize a plan for your eyes based on your prescription and the complexity of your impairment. During the treatment process, some wearers will need temporary daytime lens prescriptions as their vision changes. And they will need a maintenance plan to preserve the corrected vision.

While the therapeutic lenses are in some ways similar to a contact lens, the treatment and maintenance plan for Ortho-K / CRT is a bit different. One important difference is that only certified doctors, like Dr. Xu, have the training and expertise to properly fit these lenses.

Here’s what you can typically expect during treatment:

  • A comprehensive eye exam to determine health of the eye and cornea
  • Mapping of your eye using advanced technologies
  • The creation of “retainer lenses” to help mold the eye and improve focus
  • Adjustment to daytime prescription during the treatment phase
  • Next-day check up to assess the shape of the cornea and possibly adjust the lens
  • Wearing retainer lenses at night on a scheduled basis to maintain the cornea shape
  • Routine hygiene and care for your lenses until replacements are needed

Talk to Dr. Xu to learn how you can be free of daytime corrective lenses without the risks or requirements of surgery.

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